Raymond Lombra Award for Distinction in the Social or Life Sciences

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General Information

This award recognizes a tenured faculty member in the College of the Liberal Arts whose outstanding work in the field of social or life sciences has demonstrated excellence in research and scholarship. In 2013 this award was endowed and named for former associate dean for research and graduate studies and professor of economics, Raymond Lombra. Ray, in his 18 years as associate dean, greatly increased the College's support for faculty research and thus made a major contribution to the College's rise to national leadership.


To be considered for this award, you must:

  • Be a tenured faculty member in the social or life sciences

Suggest a Faculty member for nomination

Past Winners

2022 David Baker Sociology, Education, and Demography
Jonathan Eaton Economics
2021 Erina MacGeorge Communication Arts and Sciences
2020 Rena Torres Cacoullos Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
Pamela Cole Psychology
George Milner Anthropology
2019 Michelle Newman Psychology and Psychiatry
Kevin Thomas Sociology and Demography
2018 Giuli Dussias Spanish, Linguistics, and Psychology
John Iceland Sociology and Demography
David Lowery Political Science and Public Policy
2017 Nancy Landale Sociology and Demography
2016 Kristin Buss Psychology
Jennifer Van Hook Sociology and Demography
2015 Denise H. Solomon Communication Arts and Sciences
2014 Joris Pinkse Economics
2013 John Lipski Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
2012 Joan Richtsmeier Anthropology
2011 Eric Plutzer Political Science
Michael Berkman Political Science
2010 David Johnson Sociology
Vijay Krishna Economic
2009 Barry Lee Sociology
2008 Roxanne Parrott Communication Arts and Sciences
2007 Jon Nussbaum Communication Arts and Sciences
2006 D. Wayne Osgood Sociology and Crime, Law, and Justice
Judith Kroll Psychology
2005 Neil Wallace Economics
Roger Finke Sociology
2003 Frank Baumgartner Political Science
Paul Amato Sociology
2002 John McCarthy Sociology
2001 Scott Bennett Political Science
Nancy Landale Sociology
2000 James Wood Anthropology
Glenn Firebaugh Sociology
1999 Richard Carlson Psychology
George Milner Anthropology
1998 Kala Krishna Economics
1997 David Rosenbaum Psychology
1995 Lynn Liben Psychology
1994 Daniel Lichter Sociology
1993 Karen Bierman Psychology
1990 Mark Roberts Economics
1989 Darrell Steffensmeier Sociology and Crime, Law, and Justice
1984 Gordon De Jong Sociology
1977 Paul T. Baker Anthropology


Other Winners

Eric Bond Economics
Edward Budd Economics
Charles Cofer Psychology
Patricia Draper Anthropology
James Eisenstein Sociology
Irwin Feller Economics
Robert Harkavy Political Science
Teh-Wei Hu Economics
Philip Klein Economics
Frank Landy Psychology
Margaret Matson Sociology
Jan Prybyla Economics
William Sanders Anthropology
Carolyn Sherif Psychology
John Stevens
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