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The Liberal Arts Edge

The College of the Liberal Arts has enriched its undergraduate programs by investing in the Paterno Fellows Program, creating the Career Enrichment Network, recruiting the best faculty and graduate student teacher-scholars, globalizing the undergraduate experience, and partnering with alumni and friends to support a portfolio of experiences that enhances future career success.  

Gifts from our alumni and friends enable the College to offer substantive professional development opportunities to many of our undergraduate students: study and work abroad, research opportunities with top faculty and graduate students, and U.S. and global internships. 


Craig Castiglia

  • Paterno Fellow and Schreyer Honors Scholar
  • Philosophy Student Marshal
  • Legislative Intern, State Representative
  • University of Pennsylvania Law School

Lili Hadsell

  • Women's Studies and English
  • Paterno Fellow and Schreyer Honors Scholar
  • Global Study, Germany and Austria
  • Private Sector Internship
  • Women's Studies Student Marshal
  • Graduate Study, Germany  

Nicole Colón-Quintana 

  • Psychology, Journalism
  • Presidential Leadership Academy
  • Media Internships
  • Research Assistant, Center for Language Science
  • College Marshal
  • PhD program, DePaul University

Carl Boswell

  • International Politics, International Affairs
  • Paterno Fellow and Schreyer Honors Scholar
  • Chapel Executive Intern
  • Global Study, Argentina
  • College Marshal
  • Global Data Analyst, Bloomberg LP
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