Allison Frederick Barycki

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Allison Frederick Barycki

Graduation Year: 2013
Majors: International Politics, History and Spanish
Current Job: Senior Event Producer at Bond Events
Location: Washington, DC
Paterno Fellow

Allison Frederick Barycki didn’t know for sure that she would work in Washington, DC, after she graduated from Penn State. However, being a high-achieving student and a former Paterno Fellow and Schreyer Honors Scholar, Barycki had built a career network while in college that eventually led her to her current career.

Barycki is now a Senior Event Producer at Bond Events in Washington, DC, a boutique event production company with political, nonprofit, and corporate clients. She manages the programming, logistics, strategy, technical production, and overall design of these events, and loves the variety that comes with this work.

Barycki, like all young graduates, needed to find a way into this industry in order to achieve her career goals. Barycki’s internship experiences at Penn State became crucial parts of her transition into professional life. In her time as a student, Barycki was part of the Division of Development and Alumni Relations internship program and spent a semester working for the Trust for the National Mall as an Annual Giving intern. This was Barycki’s first professional experience in Washington, DC, where she would eventually spend her career.

The contacts she made from her internship experiences were an “invaluable” resource according to Barycki. They eventually connected her with EMILY’s List, where she became the Fundraising and Events Assistant and eventually Event Manager, before working for Bond Events. 

This progression was something that Barycki believes in strongly, and is something she still would advise to current students. When asked about her educational experience at Penn State, Barycki said, “I gained writing and critical thinking skills through my major and the Paterno Fellows honors requirements.”

Barycki still uses those skills daily to work with her clients, but maintains that only being in the work force can truly prepare students for being in the work force. This is part of the advice she would give to current students looking to enhance their career prospects after graduation. 

The most valuable thing, according to Barycki “is to really focus on building your professional contacts through internships and extracurriculars and then to spend just as much time and energy on maintaining those relationships.”

As is evident from her own personal experiences, relationships are essential to any career. However, Barycki warns students not to get discouraged if they don’t find that opportunity right after graduation, and emphasizes being proactive in reaching out to contacts within their support network.

Being a young college graduate searching for jobs is difficult for anyone. However, in building a base of contacts and experience while still in school, students can achieve what Barycki did in her time at Penn State and have a network to lean on to help complete the stepping stones toward a dream career.

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