James Doyle

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James Doyle

James Doyle

Associate Research Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Matson Museum of Anthropology

Trust your instincts—if you think an idea is important, pursue it, and do not give too much weight to others’ opinions.

Throughout James’s research, one important thing he highlights is that “People from across time and space are not that different after all.” That leaves us pondering questions like, how have we really evolved as a species besides the obvious scientific and technological advances?

James is currently working with several Native American tribes and nations to repatriate the remains of individuals that were donated to Penn State in the past so they can be reburied in their ancestral homelands.

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Student Impact in the Classroom

“Students who work part time at the Matson Museum have worked on a variety of projects, ranging from collections management to archival research, to object conservation, and even to educational outreach. I strive to ensure our students engage in work that provides real-world experiences that will help shape and inform their career choices.” –James Doyle

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