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Stuart Williams



Current Position:
General Counsel at Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration
Jacksonville, FL


Q: What are some of the topics you talk about?

Often, we interact by phone, email, and Facebook and we discuss ideas on finding an internship, suggestions on what she would need to know in asking questions for an internship, and have broad discussions on the meeting of her goals.

We interact mostly on practical issues. I’ve asked Josey to provide a sample cover letter and resume for me to look over, and I suggested ideas on community members to talk to about her career path here at Penn State, among other things…..

Q: Do you find it difficult to find common ground due to a generation difference?

The differences are not necessarily a generation thing, but more of a personality difference and approach to life. While I was more care-free as a student, Josey is reserved and very serious. But we share some interests such as going to Penn State and student life.

I find that the things people are concerned about in school don’t really change. You are trying to find a way for yourself, you’re exploring what brings you fulfillment and asking questions about what your life should be devoted to.

Q: What motivated you to become a mentor?

I feel like my successes have a lot to do with the fact that I had numerous excellent mentors, and my achievements have much to do with those interactions, and the only way to repay a mentor is to become one yourself.

A mentor should not direct a mentee, but should ask them to explore their own potentials and help mentee’s to guide their own self-analysis. A mentor should give them resources to help them, but not provide all the answers.

Q: What is most fulfilling about your mentor/mentee relationship?

In interacting with Josey, I’ve been reminded of some important lessons about life. It’s important to explore and not to let worry or anxiety get in the way of your progress. It’s important to make good decisions, but it’s also just as important to take chances. I’ve enjoyed knowing I did my best to help her reach her full potential.

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