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Steve Brose

Current Position:

Attorney, Steptoe & Johnson


Q: What are some of the topics you and your mentee talk about?

The discussions with Danielle (my mentee) cover a lot of ground, from résumé building and job searching to what’s going on at Penn State and Danielle’s future plans. Now that she’s in her senior year, we’ve been talking more about specific job and graduate school opportunities and how to prepare for and be successful in interviews.

Q: Do you find it difficult to find common ground due to a generation difference?

I’ve worked with and trained young lawyers for most of my career, so it hasn’t been at all difficult or awkward interacting with Danielle.  I had no expectations going in, but in our first meeting it was clear how much thought Chris Gamble had put into pairing the two of us.  I think it’s a great match, in terms of backgrounds, interests and even personalities, all of which has made finding common ground extremely easy.



Q: What motivated you to become a mentor?

It has always been hard for me to say no to involvement with Penn State.  But more specifically, I had heard others speak very favorably about their experience in the mentor program, and it seemed like something that would appeal to me.

Q: What is most fulfilling about your mentor/mentee relationship?

I think the most fulfilling aspect is that I’ve gotten to know (and maybe even help) someone I wouldn’t possibly have come across otherwise.  It’s been terrific to be able to advise someone who has very quickly become a friend.  I expect to stay in touch with Danielle and to follow her career long after she leaves Penn State.


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