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Jose Cobo Bernal

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’11 Crime, Law, and Justice | International Student Manager, Inter-American Air Forces Academy | San Antonio, TX
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Jose Cobo Bernal

Liberal Arts Major: Crime, Law, and Justice

Liberal Arts Minor: Sociology

Hometown: Allentown, PA

Current Location: San Antonio, TX

What enrichment activities did you participate in as a student?

One of my favorite enrichment activities was in 2008 when I conducted a social research study. With this study, I was able to research the economic impact of Latino-owned businesses within the Lehigh Valley area in Pennsylvania. In 2009, I was able to conduct another social research study. However, with this study, I researched the availability for public housing community members to technological resources and the impact of minorities utilizing those resources.

What was your first job after graduating from Penn State?

In 2014, I became a material manager for the United States Air Force. I managed and led warehouse operations while providing support to F-15 maintenance personnel and Department of Defense bases worldwide. 

Who was your favorite faculty member?

My favorite professor was Dr. Parker from Penn State Lehigh Valley's Department of Sociology. She enriched and enabled me to explore my Latino/Hispanic roots toward the socio-economic impact within the United States.

How did your liberal arts education and skills prepare you for life after graduation?

The College of the Liberal Arts gave me the opportunity to enhance my skills as a better public speaker, critical thinker, and allowed me to generate innovative ideas to better enhance the work center and the Air Force.

What networking advice would you share with current students?

Networking with several Penn State faculty members and alumni enriched me to seek and aspire bigger goals and objectives.

What role have mentors played in your career progression?

Mentors have been a crucial aspect of my career. Their support and guidance to fulfill my vision and goals enabled me to continue pursuing higher education through the Graduate School at Penn State and earn a master's degree in Homeland Security.

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