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Sarp Engelman

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'17 Economics | Consultant, Deloitte Consulting LLP | New York, NY
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Sarp Engelman

Liberal Arts Major: Economics

Minor: Biology

Hometown: Smithtown, NY

Current Location: New York, NY

What enrichment activities did you participate in as a student?

As an undergrad, I operated a small business focused on cell phone repairs and held two coordinator roles as a member of the Penn State University Economics Association (PSUEA). I also participated in THON and various other philanthropy events through my fraternity.

What was your first job after graduating from Penn State?

I started my career as an Analyst for Willis Towers Watson in Philadelphia and later transferred to the New York office. After spending two successful years at the firm, I moved to Deloitte Consulting and I'm still based out of New York.

What was your favorite class and/or who was your favorite faculty member?

ECON 470 International Trade and Finance with Dr. Doppelt. I really enjoyed the subject area and found it extremely relevant to the international trade talks that are always taking place between the United States and other countries. I enjoyed how challenging it was academically and the quant focus.

How did your liberal arts education and skills prepare you for life after graduation?

As an economics major, I felt that my academic experience was rigorous and that compared to many of my peers', I was more prepared and willing to put the extra work in during my early career. My alumni mentor through the Liberal Arts Alumni Mentor Program was also crucial in helping me identify my strengths and weaknesses as I prepared to enter the workforce.

What networking advice would you share with current students?

Networking is critical, and I wish I had started it earlier. I actually ended up at my current role thanks to extensive networking. Networking does not take the place of being qualified for a job, but I've found that many times just being qualified is not enough to get your foot in the door. I learned how to network through my alumni mentor and try to pass that same advice on to others. Reach out to me – I'm always happy to connect with fellow Penn Staters!

What role have mentors played in your career progression?

My alumni mentor really helped me understand where my strengths and weaknesses were and how to improve myself. He also helped me figure out what kind of roles would suit my interests and background. I realized how beneficial a mentoring relationship can be, which is why I have continued to seek out additional mentors throughout my career and have also become a mentor myself.

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