June 5: Schematic Design Approved

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To: Colleagues interested in the Burrowes project
From: Susan

I'm delighted to report that the building project passed an important hurdle today when the schematic design received the full endorsement of the president. The approved design is found below. The president approved the design at the Project Design Review Board meeting, which the president chairs. Others at the meeting were the vice president for business and finance, provost, university architect, campus planner, and several other OPP officials.

You will find the drawings of some interest, I suspect, for their renderings of the outside of the building, the floor plans, the timetable, construction site layout, and other details. I am especially pleased that the renovated building will have much more natural light.

The next step will be to prepare the final plan and construction documents (architectural and engineering drawings and various kinds of site plans for the construction bids) during the next several months and then to entertain bids for the construction job. The Board of Trustees will consider the bid proposal and final plans at its January 2014 meeting and final plans will be posted at that time. Of course, the final plan is subject to approval by the Board.

For a PDF version of this presentation, click here.

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