June 5, 2015: Burrowes project update

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Colleagues interested in the Burrowes project:

As you can see below and from the photos, construction in Burrowes is moving along now.  From my office, I've had a good view of the elevator tower that has been built for the north knuckle, and now look forward to the steel framework being installed.  If anyone would like a tour of the building, please contact Chris, as noted below (cch103@psu.edu). 

Regards, Susan


 From:  Chris Hort

The construction of the north and south knuckles are progressing nicely as concrete pours and erecting of steel continues.  The crews are working from south to north, so you'll notice the cranes moving up the mall to support these efforts and the north knuckle trails behind the south by a couple weeks.  The interior work continues to be primarily hanging drywall, painting, installation of ceiling grids and light fixtures, and tile work in the restrooms.  The accent color schemes in the office spaces look good and the corridors, including lighting, are really taking shape.  The overall project schedule is tight but remains on track.  I'll be continuing to schedule building tours for those interested, so stay tuned for these invitations coming out via email or contact staff in your area and we'll coordinate a day and time to go onsite.
If you have any project specific questions, please let me know.  Thanks.  Chris
Overall Progress:
  • South Knuckle 2nd floor erected
  • North Knuckle elevator shaft build up to 2nd level
  • North Knuckle waterproofed and backfilled
  • Painters completed 3rd floor Core
  • Drywall finished on 2nd floor Core
  • Piping and equipment setting in Core basement to continue
  • Ceiling grid installed floors 2 and up in the wings
Upcoming Work:
  • Continue steel work on South Knuckle
  • Pour slab at opening in the basement
  • Stairs to start in South Knuckle
  • Painters to complete 2nd floor Core
  • Masonry walls to be complete for the Fire Pump room
  • Drywall to be completed in ground floor north


June 5 # 1

Basement steam tunnel

June 5 # 2

Basement steam tunnel

June 5 # 3

South Knuckle - steel erection

June 5 # 4

North Knuckle

June 5 # 5

Core - 3rd floor


June 5 #6

 Basement mechanical system

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