July 24, 2014: Burrowes Project Update -- Large holes, big gaps, and bare spaces

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The project schedule remains on schedule and all interior demolition work has been completed throughout the building.  Over the coming week, restoration of the Pattee Mall area will begin in preparation for start of Fall semester.  They estimate it will be ready by August 15.  The plans call for extending the mall to the north about six feet, installing about 6 feet of grass and reducing the cement, so that should be a nice improvement.


From the outside, the most visible change is that the north knuckle (the connector) is entirely gone.  Unfortunately, they also removed another big elm at the northwest side of the building.  That was because of elm disease, however, not the project.  They have begun work on the demolition of the south knuckle.


Chris Hort's report of overall Progress:


  • Final abatement work getting completed on ground floor, south wing office areas
  • Basement foundation modifications in progress, one-third of new foundations have been poured and shoring moved to next sets
  • HVAC hanger rough-in continues down to 2nd floor
  • Site utility work continues, including steam tunnel excavation and installation
  • South Areaway installed and backfilled
  • Fireproofing started on 4th floor

Upcoming Work:

  • South Knuckle demolition
  • Basement foundation work will continue
  • Site utility work will continue and Pattee Mall area restoration will begin
  • Fireproofing in building will continue
  • Attic ceiling will be starting


West Elevation


West Elevation - North Knuckle


Core Building - 4th Floor (fireproofing)


Core Building - 2nd Floor


Basement Foundations


Pattee Mall - Steam Tunnel Work

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