February 9, 2015: Burrowes Project Update

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From: Susan Welch
Subject: Burrowes project update -- February 9, 2015

Winter weather and continuing snowfall haven't deterred the continuing work on the Burrowes project.  Temporary heat has been installed so that interior work can continue.  The project remains on schedule.

Chris Hort offers the following details on the month's progress:

The majority of exterior work is occurring around the north and south knuckles where elevator shaft footings are getting poured and stairwell work has begun (photo 3, south; 5, north).  Framing and drywall finishing work continues in the wings working from top to bottom.  Drywall work has started in the 3rd and 2nd floors of the Core (photo 4).  Overall, progress looks good.  Full speed ahead!

If you have any project specific questions, please let me know. Thanks. Chris

Overall Progress:

  • Elevator shaft footings poured
  • Core South infill steel complete (photo 2)
  • Installing mechanical supports in Core basement (photo 1)
  • Drywall continue in upper floors of wings
  • Cutting door way and louver openings into Core South
  • Framing continues in Lower levels
  • Piping in Core basement to continue


Upcoming Work:

  • Excavate North Core for new foundation work
  • Framing continues in lower levels
  • Pour concrete into North and South stair infills
  • Start drywall in 2nd and 3rd floor Core
  • Continue working on Elevator shaft
  • Canopies at wings to start


Photo 1: Core - basement

Photo 2: Core - South Infill Steel

Photo 3: South Knuckle

Photo 4: South Wing - 3rd floor door frames and drywall

Photo 5: North Knuckle - shoring

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