Burrowes project update -- November 1, 2014

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From: Susan Welch
Subject: Burrowes project update -- November 1, 2014

To Burrowes fans,
Windows! Wire! Drywall!  Fireproofing! Things are moving in Burrowes over the past month.
Below is a progress report from Chris Hort.  Regards, Susan
Please see attached photos and associated project update summary below.  The project schedule remains on track and one of the more noticeable changes to the building is the installation of the new windows throughout the wings with the Core building window installations in process.  This will close up the building so the interior work can proceed through the Fall and Winter months.
 If you have any project specific questions, please let me know.  Thanks.  Chris
Overall Progress:
  • Basement underground work complete
  • Mechanical system rough-in continues on upper floors
  • Eastside site utility work continues
  • North areaway backfilling in process
  • Windows installed in wings, starting in Core building
  • Framing on upper floors in wings and Core building
  • Fireproofing completed thru ground floor

Upcoming Work:

  • Framing continues
  • Windows in Core building
  • Infill steel to start
  • Complete utility work at site entrance
  • Drywall installation








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