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Committee Members

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Interested in joining the Staff Advisory Committee? Reach out to one of the officers listed below.

Officers  (eff. 7/1/21)

  • Chair - Stacey Hoffman (sae111)
  • Vice-Chair - Lynn Carey (lmc5897)
  • Secretary - Nicole Bahrmann (ngb5117)
  • Treasurer - Nicole Plummer (nrp15)
  • Public Relations - Kirsten Schlorff (kbs5247)


Recruitment and Awards - n/a

Special Events - n/a


Committee Members

NameWork UnitTerm Start DateOfficePhoneEmail
Open Anthropology        

Karissa Rodgers-Hill


Beth Gregg

Alumni Relations & Development

August 2019


October 2020

13 Sparks








Christy Thresher

Dean's Office September 2019 111 Sparks 865-7691 cmt5963
Amanda Gallo HR Strategic Partner (Deans Office) ex officio 111 Sparks 863-2085 amz108
Nicole Rannie Applied Linguistics, Communication Arts and Sciences, and Philosophy August 2019 234 Sparks 865-8721 npr109
Stacey Hoffman Career Enrichment Network August 2019 101 Sparks 865-1070 sae111
Open Economics


Open English
Nicole Plummer Financial Office 234K Sparks nrp15

Nick Diehl

Information Technology 105 Greenleaf Park One 863-8051


Open IECP (Intensive English Communication Program)

Office of Associate Dean for Online Education and Outreach


Political Science

Kelly Confer

Sandra Stewart


August 2019

August 2019

140E Moore 865-1815





Rock Ethics Institute

School of Global Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Open School of Labor and Employment Relations


Open Sociology and Criminology


Kirsten Schlorff Strategic Communications October 2019 129 Sparks 863-1447 kbs5247


Undergraduate Advising




Nicole Bahrmann Undergraduate Studies  February 2020 118 Sparks ngb5117

Lynn Carey

Weaver Support (Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies, History, and Jewish Studies) November 2019 108 Weaver 865-6204 lmc5897
Open African Studies, African American Studies, and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
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