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The College of the Liberal Arts offers online undergraduate and graduate degrees and certificates through Penn State World Campus.

Applied Demography

Applied demographers have the responsibility of bringing demographic expertise to specific concrete practical problems. These problems arise in government (state and local) and the business sector. Within the discipline, Applied Demography has the distinctive feature that it deals with both the present and future. Within this scope, the analyses performed by professionals in the field are concerned with collecting, analyzing, and interpreting aggregate data for clearly defined areas (e.g., small areas, counties, cities, states, and countries) used to inform public policy decisions and investments. Applied demographers recognize and anticipate the consequences of demographic trends, and propose policy options that can help deal with them. As such, applied demographers play an important role in planning for and shaping the nation's future, from the local up to the national scale. Moreover, the methods and approaches are transferable to international contexts.


Economics is the social science that aims to understand and predict human behavior by combining a strong education in liberal arts with a thorough understanding of mathematics and computer science. The curriculum of these programs is designed to give you the tools to understand how incentives affect human behavior, markets, and economies so you can model real-life situations, effectively allocate resources, and map out the best outcomes.  

Fundraising Leadership

As universities, hospitals, relief agencies, and other nonprofits become more reliant on donated funds to serve their beneficiaries, knowledgeable leaders are needed to direct these massive efforts. Competition for philanthropic leadership positions has resulted in a strong job market and created a greater need for experienced fundraisers. Earning Penn State's online Certificate in Philanthropic Leadership can help you gain an important advantage in the areas of development and fundraising, whether you are new to the field or already working in a professional setting.

International Politics

Gain a broad understanding of international political concepts with the 123-credit Bachelor of Arts in International Politics from Penn State. The program is suited for students interested in foreign affairs and homeland security; those pursuing careers in international business; and individuals interested in graduate study or education in domestic or international law.

Integrated Social Sciences

The integrated social sciences encompass the study of society and relationships among individuals and institutions. The Bachelor of Science in Integrated Social Sciences combines the content, theories, and methodologies of the social sciences into one program. The course work draws on core social science disciplines of anthropology, communication arts and sciences, economics, political science, psychology, and sociology.

Labor Studies and Employment Relations

Globalization, growing workforce diversity, and the changing role of unions are just some of the challenges facing employees and employers in the dynamic field of human resources. An education in labor and employment relations can help you understand all aspects of the employment relationship in order to help your organization value its most important asset — its workforce.

Law and Society

Many occupations today require at least some legal knowledge and notion of the law.  With a Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society, you will not only learn about the law, legal principles, and legal systems and processes in the United States; but you can also become skillful in logic, rhetoric, research and legal writing.  These versatile skills can help you develop your legal or law enforcement career in a variety of organizations including nonprofit organizations, regulatory agencies, small businesses, public offices or even the military.

Letters, Arts, and Sciences

Penn State’s letters, arts, and sciences program is a multidisciplinary, student-designed major that allows you to take the lead in the development of your individual program of study. You will work with an academic adviser to design a program that creates a level of intellectual depth in an area of study that is unique to your interests, but also aligns with the theoretical foundation for a liberal arts education. Your degree program will be developed around four academic principles — communication skills, critical analysis, research, and theory and application.

Organizational Communication

In today's complex world of information and knowledge, organizations large and small increasingly recognize that effective communication is an essential ingredient for success. This program can help you improve internal and external communications in the context of your current position, or prepare you to move into a new career as a communications professional.

Organizational Leadership

A rapidly growing global environment creates demand for professionals who are schooled in leadership. Employers look for individuals who exhibit strengths in problem solving, teamwork, critical thinking, sound judgment and decision making, listening, and conflict management.

An education in organizational leadership can provide you with a broad perspective to prepare for today's complex social, cultural, and professional issues that you are likely to encounter in positions of leadership.

Political Science

If you have an interest in politics, foreign affairs, public policy, or issues like health care, the environment, or immigration, this program can help you develop an advanced understanding of both American politics and the politics of other nations, international relations, and political theory.


Psychology is a broad and diverse field that seeks to understand, explain, and predict human behavior. A background of study in psychology can benefit students from many different majors, helping you to learn more about how and why people behave as they do.


Sociology is the scientific study of human behavior in social contexts, including families, schools, religions, and public or private organizations. Because all human behavior is social behavior, a background in sociology can benefit students in every field of study and offer you a better understanding of how social situations inform our decision making in both our personal and professional lives. A background in sociology can help you learn how to influence everyday processes to create better outcomes.

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