Psychology of Leadership

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PSY 532 Psychological Foundations of Leadership

This course will provide a broad foundation of the psychological (social, cognitive, industrial and organizational) foundations underpinning leadership thinking and theory.

PSY 533 Ethics and Leadership: Psychological and Social Processes

This course provides a broad exploration of important psychological, cognitive, and social issues in leadership that will introduce students to the basic principles of operating as an ethical leader in organizations.

PSY 539 Foundations of Behavior, Motivation, and Attitudes at Work

This course will provide a broad foundation of the motivational, attitudinal, and behavioral aspects of leadership underpinning leadership thinking and theory. It will focus on material that will prepare students to think critically about their roles as leaders in organizations and expand their analysis skills to operate more effectively as future leaders.

PSY 811 Global and Cross-Cultural Leadership

This course provides a comprehensive examination of the psychological, social, and cultural factors that underlie expectations, preferences, and judged effectiveness of leadership practices and styles in organizations and work groups in the major cultural regions of the world.

PSY 812: Group Leadership and Effective Decision Making

This course examines the psychological and social factors that underlie decision making in work groups in organizational settings with an emphasis on the role that group leadership plays in decision processes.

PSY 815: Psychology of Servant and Authentic Leadership

This course will provide students with an overview and awareness of the social, cognitive, and psychological processes characterizing authentic and servant leadership, respectively. The primary purpose of the course is to provide students with a deeper understanding of the importance of follower relationships and their role as leaders in guiding and developing subordinates.

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