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  • Idea for constant/automated faculty feedback wins 2017 Open Innovation Challenge On Apr 24, 2017 A sociology and demography professor's idea for improved faculty feedback wins the 2017 Open Innovation Challenge at the Penn State Symposium for Teaching and Learning with Technology.
  • Penn State announces spring 2017 commencement events and speakers On Apr 24, 2017 This spring Penn State expects to award 13,894 diplomas to students University-wide who are completing 226 associate, 11,435 baccalaureate, 1,590 master’s, 262 law, 244 doctoral and 137 medical degrees. Following is a compilation of commencement ceremonies and speaker information for Penn State’s 24 locations.
  • Jose Soto: Penn State Faculty Profiles in Diversity and Inclusion On Apr 24, 2017 Eleven years ago, Jose Soto took a “leap of faith” in coming to Penn State. It was a promissory note of sorts, he said: a top-notch psychology department with a serious commitment to incorporating diversity as a focus. Soto, associate professor of psychology at Penn State, has made a career studying the psychology of diversity. He is a clinical psychologist who studies how culture, health and emotion interact with and shape each other.
  • 13 graduate students receive the Alumni Association Dissertation Award On Apr 24, 2017 Thirteen graduate students received the Penn State Alumni Association Dissertation Award, Distinguished Doctoral Scholar Medal, in recognition of their outstanding professional accomplishment and achievement in scholarly research in any of the disciplinary areas of fine arts and humanities; social sciences — applied and basic; physical and computational sciences — applied and basic; life and health sciences; and engineering. The graduate students were honored during the Graduate Student Awards Luncheon held on April 18 at the Nittany Lion Inn.
  • College of the Liberal Arts honors alumni, faculty during annual awards ceremony On Apr 24, 2017 The Penn State College of the Liberal Arts honored several alumni and one of its faculty members during its annual Alumni Awards Ceremony on Friday, April 21 at The Nittany Lion Inn.
  • Brain's power to adapt offers short-term gains, long-term strains On Apr 24, 2017 Brains that suffer injuries can adjust in remarkable ways and create connections between injured areas that are better and stronger. However, those new connections may be less efficient and, in the end, more costly to maintain. These "hyperconnections" could increase the likelihood of problems, such as Alzheimer's Disease, developing later in life. Studying hyperconnections underscores the importance of brain protection and could one day lead to treatments for brain impairments.
  • Undergraduates honored with Rock Ethics Institute 2017 Stand Up Award On Apr 23, 2017 The Rock Ethics Institute at Penn State recently celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the Stand Up Award by honoring students Brian Anthony Davis, Hayly Hoch and Alexis Scott. This award is presented to Penn State undergraduates who have demonstrated courage, fortitude and ethical leadership by taking a stand for a person, a cause or a belief.
  • Ten students receive Martin Graduate Assistant Outstanding Teaching Awards On Apr 21, 2017 Ten Penn State graduate students received the 2017 Harold F. Martin Graduate Assistant Outstanding Teaching Award.
  • Sarah Adams honored with Graduate Student Excellence in Mentoring Award On Apr 21, 2017 Penn State doctoral student Sarah Adams was awarded the Graduate Student Excellence in Mentoring Award during the annual Graduate Student Awards Luncheon held on April 18 at the Nittany Lion Inn.
  • Eleven Penn State students to present research to PA legislators on April 25 On Apr 21, 2017 Undergraduate students representing seven of Penn State’s campuses will present their research to legislators at the 15th annual Undergraduate Research at the Capitol – Pennsylvania (URC-PA) conference, taking place at the Capitol Complex in Harrisburg on April 25.
  • College of the Liberal Arts Staff Newsletter – April On Apr 21, 2017 This month's staff newsletter includes the March "You Rock Award" winners, the staff award winners, a reminder about the upcoming college-wide staff meeting, a welcome to new staff members and more.
  • Office for General Education announces Integrative Studies Seed Grant awards On Apr 20, 2017 The Integrative Studies Seed Grant Program, offered through the Penn State Office for General Education, will support 71 different course development projects this summer. In response to the large volume of highly qualified proposals, the budget was generously increased by more than 50 percent by the Office of the Provost and the Office of Undergraduate Education.
  • Recognizing foreign accents helps brains process accented speech On Apr 20, 2017 Our brains process foreign-accented speech with better real-time accuracy if we can identify the accent we hear, according to a team of neurolinguists.
  • Graduate student excellence celebrated at annual awards luncheon On Apr 19, 2017 Penn State Executive Vice President and Provost Nicholas P. Jones presented 10 awards to more than 30 graduate students in recognition of outstanding achievement during the annual Graduate Student Awards Luncheon held April 18 at the Nittany Lion Inn.
  • Global Programs announces 2017 Travel Grants awards On Apr 19, 2017 Spring 2017 produced a record-breaking number of applications for Global Programs Travel Grants.

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