Harold F. Martin Graduate Assistant Outstanding Teaching Award

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General Information

The Harold F. Martin Graduate Assistant Outstanding Teaching Award recognizes graduate assistants for outstanding teaching performance.  This award is jointly sponsored by the Graduate School, through the Harold F. Martin Graduate Assistant Outstanding Teaching Award endowment, and the Office of the Vice President and Dean for Undergraduate Education.

For more information contact Keshia Kennelley () at 814 865 1439.


To be considered for this award, you must:

  • Be a graduate student
  • Have served as a graduate assistant for at least two semesters within the last two years

Degree candidates carrying the title of instructor are not eligible for the award.

Past Winners

2018 Morgane Haesen French and Francophone Studies
Kristopher Klotz Philosophy
2017 William Paris Philosophy and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
2016 Emma Mullaney Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Anna Navrotskaya French and Francophone Studies
2015 Kyle King English
2014 Anne Kretsinger-Harries Communication Arts and Sciences
Kristopher M. Lotier English
Ryan C. Pollock Philosophy
Andrew R. Stafford French and Francophone Studies
2013 Lindsey Aloia Communication Arts and Sciences
Michelle Decker Comparative Literature
Sandra Rousseau French and Francophone Studies
Sarah RudeWalker English
Juliane Schicker German and Slavic Languages and Literatures
Sarah Summers English
2012 Brandy Brown French and Francophone Studies
Sarah Salter English
April Woolnough Crime, Law, and Justice
2010 David Agler Philosophy
Rachel Mennies English
2009 Herman Li Economics
Martha Thomas Political Science
Craig Wiernik Sociology
2008 Mary Alessandri Philosophy
Sarah Koon-Magnin Crime, Law, and Justice
Andrew Rice Economics
Nicholas Sibrava Psychology
Alexander Stehn Philosophy
2007 Michael Brownstein Philosophy
Antonio Ceraso English
Parastou Feiz Zaringhalam Applied Linguistics
Leigh Johnson Philosophy
Alexa Schriempf Women's Studies
2006 Kyle Grady Philosophy
Bryan Lueck Philosophy
Shizuka Nishikawa Economics
Rebecca Zajdowicz Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures
2005 Robert R. Bleil English
Paul D. Stegner English
2004 Sandra L. French Communication Arts and Sciences
Dennis Foster Political Science
Matt Siegel English
2003 Wendy L. Falato Speech Communication
Chad Lavin Political Science
2002 Oscar Fernandez Comparative Literature
Eric Lorentzen English
2001 Peter R. Costello Philosophy
Beth Widmaier English
2000 Gregory Colon-Semenza English
Kate Douglas French and Francophone Studies
Christopher M. Reenock Political Science
Jennifer Zachman Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
1999 Thomas J. Beech Political Science
Kristen M. Eyssell Psychology
Anne Scott Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
1998 Charles E. Hines, III Psychology
Erin E. Joyce French and Francophone Studies
Herbert Moeller Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures
Sheryl VonRolleston French and Francophone Studies
1997 Heather Hayton Comparative Literature
Kelly Marsh English
John J. Wall Psychology
1996 Brian B. Anderson Political Science
Harvey Quamen English
Gregg V. Thomas Theatre Arts
1995 Sarah Cox Comparative Literature
Robert B. Hass English
Barbara Redmond Theatre Arts
1994 Shannon R. Duval Philosophy
Paola Gemme English
James Kanan Sociology
Lisa Ruch Comparative Literature
Thomas Zarzecki Political Science
1993 Benjamin A. L. Click, III English
Dominique Laurent French
1992 Katherine Chandler English
Eric J. Deitch Philosophy
Paula Golombek Speech Communications
Kelly Walter Comparative Literature
1991 Rebecca S. Bigler Psychology
Kathryn M. Plank English
Susanne M. Polley Economics
1990 Linda Ferreira Buckley English
Chantal Huyghebaert Linguistics
Andrea Ogonosky Social Psychology
Wiebke Streh Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures
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