Glossary of Utilization/Architectural Terms

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Glossary of Utilization/Architectural Terms

Detailed Space Descriptions and Requirements

Floor / VCT: Vinyl Composition Tile flooring, usually 12” x 12” x 1/8” installed directly on concrete.

Floor / Welded Seam Sheet Vinyl: sheet vinyl flooring seamed together with a heat-welded seam to create a seamless hygienic finished product.

Floor / Epoxy: a seamless durable fluid-applied floor finish, installed directly on concrete subfloor.

Floor / Sealed Concrete: clear or tinted sealer applied directly to finished concrete floor, creating a smooth hard durable surface. Any concrete imperfections are visible thru finish.

Partitions / Gyp. Board: Gypsum Board, commonly referred to as “drywall”, which is the most common interior wall finish and has primarily replaced plaster as an interior wall finish.

Base / Resilient: a rubber or vinyl base applied after the floor finish is installed to cover the floor/wall gap and protect the base of the wall.

Base / Integral w Floor: base formed from extending flooring product, usually sheet goods, up the wall to eliminate a hard corner and create a seamless, more hygienic condition.

Ceiling / Open: no ceiling present with exposed structure and/or mechanical systems.

Ceiling / Acoustical Tile: most commonly used ceiling as a finished product for finished appearance and acoustical control, formed in a water-based process from a variety of materials including mineral wool, clay, perlite, cellulose and starch to create a rigid self-supporting modular tile, typically suspended in a metal grid.  These can be prefinished, painted or surfaced finished to withstand humidity and cleaning.

Doors / Vision Panel: a glass panel within a door to permit light and visibility into an adjacent space. Can be a tinted or frosted to provide visual privacy.

Doors / Sidelite: a glass panel in frame contiguous to door. Usually matching height of door frame allowing greater light and visibility between spaces.

Security / Lockset: typical knob or lever with lockable functions.

Security / Special Measures: any extraordinary circumstances that requires specific locking/control to secure products, materials or processes. This could be card access, or some other non-keying control and monitoring access system.

Casework / Base: floor installed and supported cabinets.

Casework / Wall: wall-mounted cabinets.

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