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Interested in joining the Staff Advisory Committee? Reach out to one of the officers listed below.



Marketing and Communications Committee: Kathy Swidwa, Joshua Zong, Maria Canales

Orientation and Awards: Morgan Sugg

Planning and Special Events: Sara Holden, Sierra James, Lynn Hepfer, Laura Reddington Moser


Committee Members

NameWork UnitTerm Start DateOfficePhoneEmail
Open Anthropology        


Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies 
Open Sparks Support (Applied Linguistics, CALPER, Communication Arts and Sciences, and Philosophy) 
Sean Moeller HR Strategic Partner (Deans Office) ex officio 111 Sparks 863-2085 iom6
Open Economics


Cheryl Mohr  English June 2014 430 Burrowes 863-3069 cam84
Open Financial Office
Nick Diehl Information Technology 105 Greenleaf Park One 863-8051 nad5121
Open IECP (Intensive English Communication Program)
Open School of Labor and Employment Relations
Morgan Sugg

Office of Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies and Outreach

May 2015 13 Sparks 863-3894 mes50

Carol Zeiss

PA Commission on Sentencing February 2016 400 Calder Square II 863-0731 caz3

Aimée Grugan (Chair)

Political Science May 2015 203 Pond Lab 863-1449 arp20




Rock Ethics Institute

School of Global Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Laura Reddington Moser (Secretary) Sociology and Criminology September 2016 206 Oswald


Kathy Swidwa (Vice Chair) Strategic Communications June 2016 136C Sparks 865-8927 kea5102
Open Undergraduate Advising
Open Undergraduate Studies 

Lynn Hepfer

Weaver Support (Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies, History, and Jewish Studies) June 2014 108 Weaver 865-6203 lrd131
Open Willard Support (African Studies, African American Studies, and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies)


World in Conversation
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